Chamelicious Chameleons

Chameleons Hand Raised with Love by a Vet


We are a small company located in Portland, Oregon who specialize in Breeding and care of captive chameleons.  All of our chameleons are hand raised with love by a veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Betz.  Breeding of chameleons is merely a hobby and not for sole profit. Therefore; we have strict guidelines on who can purchase a chameleon, as we want to make sure they live a happy and healthy life.

You must have experience with Chameleons before purchasing from us.  Either have cared for one in the past or can show us that you have the proper cage setup, lighting and supplements.  You must be over the age of 18 to purchase a chameleon from us.

We specialize in Panther Chameleons of all varieties.

Chameleons that are shipped are shipped overnight express to the closest Fed EX Hub near you. (Not a Fed Ex print shop/Kinkos)  They will be held for pick up.  We do not do home delivery through Fed Ex of Chameleons.

We offer 100% Live arrival Guarantee. To qualify you must pick up your shipment with in 2 hours of arrival at the Fed Ex hub. You must notify us immediately and provide pictures with a time stamp.